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Booking Terms and Conditions

1.0 Modifications & Amendments

  • All requests for modifications/amendments/date changes must be made in writing and directed to the Travel Hub customer care team or your Travel hub Tour Coordinator. If you request a modification/amendment/date change Travel Hub will attempt to honor your request at no charge; however, a modification/amendment/date change may attract an additional fee. Date-change requests and amendments are subject to availability Travel Hub cannot guarantee the success of any date-change request.
  • Travel Hub (or its partner operator) will endeavor to pick you up at the time and date detailed on your voucher and itinerary. Please check that all details on the voucher are correct. It is the client's responsibility to ensure, tour dates and times are stated correctly and to their requirements, so please check the voucher carefully once issued.

2.0 Cancellation

  • Tours and treks: At the time of booking you will be asked to pay either the full amount or a 20% deposit. Refunds will be made in the form of a refund to your credit card:
  • Cancellation 10+ days prior to tour departure - you will forfeit 10% of the amounts we hold plus an additional refund fee of 500 Baht will be deducted. Cancellation within 10 days prior to tour departure - no refund will be made. All requests for refunds must be made in writing (email is OK) and directed to the Travel Hub Customer Care Team.
  • Hotels: If you have booked hotels with your tours thro' Travel Hub At the time of booking your deposit amount will include a 1-night accommodation charge for the hotel. You will be refunded as follows: Cancellation 10+ days prior to arrival - we will not levy any further cancellation fees other than those stated above clause 2.0.1). Cancellation within 10 days prior to tour departure -We will levy a further cancellation fee of one night's accommodation charge for each room booked this is in addition to the cancellation fees above clause 2.0.1)
  • Flights: Terms for flight cancellations will depend on airlines and ticket types. We will refund in full any amounts which are returned to us by the airline or ticket provider less 5% of the flight total plus 500 Baht handling and refund fee.
  • In the rare event that Travel Hub or a company it is the acting agent for, cancels the tour/trek or service a full refund will be made. The method of refund will be as follows:-
    If payment was made by credit card Online. - The refund will be made back to your credit card 
    -If payment was made by credit card at our office - The refund will be made available in cash to collect from our office
    -If payment was made by cash at our office - The refund will be made available in cash to collect from our office.
  • For cash refunds, if you are not available to collect from our office in Chiang Mai we can make a refund by bank transfer. You will need to supply your bank details and we will deduct our bank transfer fee from the total refund amount. Please note that Travel Hub or any of the companies it acts as agents for will not be responsible for monetary compensation for lost time, missed onward transport connections, accommodation bookings, and the like.

3.0 Pricing & Inclusions/Exclusions

  • Prices listed on Travel Hub websites are per person unless otherwise specified. All prices are listed in Thai baht
  • We do not guarantee any price quoted in a currency other than Thai Baht. If you request a quote in another currency other than Thai Baht then this is subject to change depending on the prevailing exchange rate until full payment has been made. Price quotations are subject to change without notice until a booking has been confirmed and full payment has been made.
  • Outlying hotels may incur extra charges if you have not notified us otherwise the quote and price will be based on the assumption that your hotel is located centrally. If you notify us after payment of an outlying hotel we reserve the right to increase the price to cover the extra expense of picking you up from on out of town or outlying resort (example: extra fees will need to be paid if you are staying at a Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel in Bangkok) 
  • Option prices are correct at the time of the quote, but please note that option prices are subject to change without notice as these prices are dictated by independent organizations which are not controlled by Travel Hub.

4.0 Airport, train, bus station, and hotel transfers

  • Travel Hub will endeavor to pick you up promptly at the designated airport, bus or train station according to the arrival information you provide to us. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that the correct arrival information is provided to us and must clearly state at which airport, bus station, ferry port, or train station and provide flight number and arrival time (in 24-hour format). If your arrival transport is more than 3 hours late Travel Hub reserves the right to cancel the transport/transfer service and the transfer fee will be forfeited by the client. For hotel pick-ups and transfers it is the client's responsibility to provide the full name and full address of the hotel. If you only provide the hotel name then we will search online for an address of your stated hotel but please note that it is the client's responsibility to ensure we have the correct address. We will provide the hotel address on the payment request email please check that that we have the correct address before proceeding with payment. Travel Hub must be informed of your hotel name and address at least 48 hours before your tour scheduled departure time, if you do not inform us at least 48 hours in advance we can not guarantee that you will be picked up at the time indicated on your itinerary. For hotel pick-ups by partner operators, the client must be ready and waiting before the earliest pick up time stated on the confirmation voucher. The partner operator will endeavor to pick you up on time in the pickup time window provided on your confirmation voucher.

5.0 Timing and Curtailment

  • Travel Hub will endeavor to complete your stated itinerary in the allotted time, however, in rare circumstances (usually due to heavy traffic, traffic hold-ups, or the pace of the group) It is possible that the stated itinerary can not be completed. In such circumstances, no refund or part refund will be mandatory. Travel Hub will endeavor to complete your written itinerary but we can not guarantee that we include any requests for further attractions which are not stated on the written itinerary. 
  • All stated return times are approximate and represent the average time a tour will return to your hotel. Actual return times can be earlier or later than the times stated depending on factors such as hotel location, traffic conditions, the pace of the tour, additional options are taken, etc. On occasions the tour can return significantly later than the time stated on the itinerary (please bare this in mind if planning activities after the tour). Travel Hub will not be responsible for any financial compensation for missed activities due to the late return time of a tour.
  • If you have onward travel connections after the tour (example: flights or cruise ship departures etc.) Travel Hub will endeavor to get you back to your hotel or at the departure point in good time. However, Travel Hub will not be financially responsible for missed departures if hold-ups are caused which are outside the control of Travel Hub (for example traffic hold-ups due to accidents)

6.0 Hotel Bookings

  • For hotels booked by Travel Hub: Travel Hub will not be responsible for the quality of any services offered at the hotel and the quality of the hotel accommodation and Travel Hub will not be liable for any financial compensation to the customer if the hotel does not meet their expectations. Any refunds for unused nights or no shows at hotels will be in accordance with the hotel's own cancellation policy and refunds will also be subject to Travel Hub's own handling charges.
7.0 Balance payments
  • Please note for the balance payment in Chiang Mai we will require payment in cash as we will have no credit card processing facilities on the minibus. If you prefer to settle the balance payment before your arrival in Chiang Mai we can accept a further credit card payment online. Please let Travel Hub know and the appropriate arrangements will be made (please note that balance payments made by credit card online will be subject to a 4% surcharge, there are no online credit card charges for the deposit payment). If your tour does allow time for a stop at our office we can accept a credit card payment for the balance there but we do pass on our bank's credit card fee charge of 3%.
8.0 Special meal requirements
  • If you have requested special dietary requirements (example vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, etc.) we will do our absolute best to facilitate this but please note that we use a large inventory of restaurants and local eateries, our guides will do their best to ensure your dietary requirements are met but the actual food preparation is out of Travel Hub’s control. Where we are agents for a tour or activity company we will ensure to pass on your special dietary requirements to the operator but again the actual food preparation is out of Travel Hub's control.
9.0 Visas
  • If you are booking a flight (or any cross-border transport) through Travel Hub It is up to the customer to ensure they have the correct visa and passport validity to enter the country they are flying/crossing to. Travel Hub can provide advice best to our staff's knowledge, but the ultimate responsibility for obtaining the correct visa is down to the customer. No refunds for flights (or any cross-border transport) can be made if the customer is not allowed to embark on a flight or is refused entry as they do not hold the correct visa.
  • For side trips to Myanmar offered on Chiang Rai tours, a visa on arrival is available to most nationalities but the customer must be aware that if they cross to Myanmar their current Thai visa will be used (or one entry of the visa will be used if it is multiple entries) and they will be stamped with a new visa on returning to Thailand. It is the client's responsibility to ensure before crossing that the entry visa they receive on return to Thailand is long enough to cover the length of their remaining stay in Thailand. Travel Hub can not offer specific advice as entry visas are different for different nationalities and visa rules are often changed.
  • For package trips to Laos, it is the client's own responsibility to pre-arrange a visa or obtain a visa on arrival at the border. Travel Hub does not offer any visa services on the package trip to Laos and also the package operators do not offer any visa services. Quite often visa services are offered through the hotel's guest's stay at in Chiang Kong, these services are offered by the hotel and are not offered by Travel Hub or the package operator.9
10.0 Bangkok shore excursion tours

Important information for Bangkok shore excursion tours:

  • Travel Hub only offers privately escorted tours and does not offer any group (seat-in-coach, join-in) tours from cruise ships. We are aware that many of our customers choose to form their own groups with others they have made contact with on various internet forums (especially Cruise Critic). We are OK with this and will try to facilitate this but you will be treated as a single private group. We would also like to ask for your cooperation in the following:
  • You will need to appoint a group leader who will be the main contact in the group, all correspondence itineraries, etc. will be sent to the group leader and it will be their responsibility to distribute the information amongst their own group. We will assume (unless otherwise instructed) that the first person to contact us is the group leader and we will assume they are the main contact for the group.
  • You will need to note that we have different per person rates depending on your group size, if persons drop out or are added to your group you will be charged the new rate as published on our website. Please be aware that if persons drop out from your group (although the price will be decreased it will result in a higher per person rate for the remaining members of the group)
  • For the deposit payments, we will help to facilitate the booking and deposit payment process by splitting the deposit between group members as required and emailing them separate payment requests.

  • Cancellations for the whole group - If the whole group decides to cancel refunds of deposit amounts will be made in accordance with our normal refund policy above
  • Cancellations for individuals - If one or more members of the group should cancel a refund of the deposit amount will not normally be made. The part deposit will be retained and put towards the cost of the tour for the remaining members as they will be paying a higher rate.