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Chiang Dao Cave
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Chiang Dao Cave




The Chiang Dao Cave system extends deep into Chiang Dao Mountain. The initial part of the cave complex can be explored on your own without the services of a guide as the caverns are lit by electrical lighting. For the more adventurous you can charter the services of one of the cave guides for a lamp lit tour of some of the deeper caverns.





Visiting Chiang Dao Cave from Chiang Mai
Chiang Dao Cave is situated about 70km from Chiang Mai. Travel in a northerly direction on highway 107. Once you reach the small town of Chiang Dao look out for the signs which will be pointing to your left in the direction of Doi Chiang Dao. If you do not have your own transport then many organized tours from Chiang Mai will include Chiang Dao cave on the itinerary. The northerly route via Chiang Dao is also an alternative route to Chiang Rai.

Travel Hub Tours which visit Chiang Dao Cave

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Entrance fee to the cave is 20 baht per person.


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