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Lod Cave
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Lod Cave




Lod Cave (often referred to in the Thai language as Tham Lod) is a large spectacular natural limestone cave system, its main feature being the stream which runs through the heart of the cave. The best way to see the caves is to hire the services of one of the guides at the cave office. Here you have a choice of exploring some of the dark caverns by lamplight and/or taking a bamboo raft into the cave. Bats are in abundance here as well as many swifts which make their nest in the mouths of the caves, both can be seen exiting the caves at dusk in large numbers. There is no artificial lighting in the cave so any exploration should be done with the services of a guide with lamps or on one of the rafts. A number of prehistoric wood coffins have been found in this cave, the remnants of the coffins can still be seen.





Visiting Lod Cave from Chiang Mai
Lod Cave is too far from Chiang Mai to consider doing on a day trip. It is best seen for those who are basing themselves in Pai or Mae Hong Son for a night or two or consider one of Travel Hub's set tours to Mae Hong Son and Pai. which also take in a visit to Lod Cave. If you are planning on a trip to Mae Hong Song or planning on doing the 'Mae Hong Son Loop' then this is one of the sights you will probably would like to stop at.
Visiting Lod Cave from Mae Hong Son
The cave is situated about 8km north of the small market town of Soppong between Mae Hong Song and Pai. If you do not have your own transport Mae Hong Son to Chiang Mai buses will stop here (about 2 hours) and is the point to jump off to visit these caves.
Visiting Lod Cave from Pai
The cave is situated about 8km north of the small market town of Soppong between Pai and Mae Hong Son. Organized tours depart from Pai and Mae Hong Son, many will feature Lod Cave on their itineraries. Lod Cave also features on the Travel Hub Package tours to Mae Hong Son and Pai. If you have your own transport then the drive is about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Pai.

Travel Hub Tours which visit Lod Cave

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There is a 100 baht fee to enter the cave which includes the services of the guide. If you require a raft trip into the cave then this cost is 400 baht per raft.


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